A grain of Sand

A grain of Sand

So full of pride and arrogance we are.

Conquered this, achieved that, always so proud of everything the species as managed to achieve and in some areas no harm can come from that. Advances in sciences, medicine treatments, and yet so full of war, poverty and greed on the other side.

So in control of all around us we appear to be and so we tell ourselves in arrogant bliss almost.

A picture of reflection painted thus.

Spinning through space one day, billions of years ago, a grain of sand comes close to another, slightly bigger than itself. A change in the universe just happened. No big deal, nothing unusual in this natural process, but the bigger items journey changed forever.

In turn 1 billion years ago, it did the same inside the Kuiper belt this time of our Solar System.

Through a couple of hundred million years and now a lump of rock fifteen / twenty kilometres across has its own journey now disturbed by the knock on effects of all those gone before.

Ever so slightly the journey of this huge lump of rock changes by just a few points of a degree. The result, in 150 years from now an Earth destroyer arrives, impacts and vaporises.

The Earth as we know it is destroyed.

Gone for a couple of million years to resurface as it did post the dinosaurs period of our planets history.

In spite of our arrogance nature will do what nature does. Pole’s shift, ice ages, ocean currents stopping and starting. Nature will do what it does.

Can we grow from start, even a single blade of grass?

Mankind needs to find a new place of balance with Nature, where arrogance and pride features not. Where we start to live with care for this place we call home.

This grain of sand inside focused reflection, for all man thinks he is, a grain of sand is all it takes. For indeed it may have already started millions or billions of years ago.

Unstoppable, in spite of our pride.

Just a grain of sand.


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