The Moment

The Moment

With noise pounding into your life, it seems, from every possible angle. The media, your school, the web, all those apps, the bank manager, your peers, the noise and pressures you place on yourself. It is a wonder that so many survive this thing we are sold as Life.

The interesting consideration is of course, that at any moment of time, yours the decision to turn away from the noise. Just a simple decision, if understanding allows, to turn and take back all that is your life.

The moment, to be aware of the next one coming. The moment, to reflect why you reacted in the way only you do. The moment to catch the wind on the cheek, the sun warm on the face. Or the moment just to stop and breathe.

Life doesn’t have to be a choking / drowning experience. It is after all just strings of moments all together, with infinite choices to be made along the way.
There is much power, freedom in breaking Life down to a moment by moment view. Become the observer to Life rather than the victim of it.

Learn to enjoy it all, the good and bad, for learning is to be experienced throughout.

Much freedom and knowledge waits for those for whom The Way becomes clear.


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