Master Masons we are

Master Masons we are

As life unfolds, experiences taken on board. The adventure of Life develops, much exploration the result. Light and darkness and the grey of the middle all taken on board, reacting to each we move.

The knocks just slide in oh so easy, our own walls we begin to make. This is not the domain of the elite few, those in high places, but this masonry is of the common man, the you and me of life.

Those to keep us safe, in case lessons present too harsh again.

Those to keep people away from us, the judgement seemingly too hard to take on board again and again.

The competition we build right in, to be or appear to be, better than those around. Seems constantly in tension with ourselves, those around and often completely strangers, we constantly build walls.

Some cause those quite frightened times, others cause reactions that later we would have preferred not.

The Master Mason becomes the natural path, perhaps the only for many. Master Masonry where comfort and safety reside. Justified in spending some much time and energy in the tiny detail of each construction, so easy to give.

Yet undeniably walls, just walls, the result. But walls regardless, used for all manner of application we have ready to bring out to keep the world away from us, or us from the world.

The Master Manson in each of us reigns supreme.

Yet it’s just our decisions that create or destroy these walls as we travel. Comfortable we become with our walls, and in the very instant where reaction calls for yet another we can decide to not.

For our walls are mortared by our emotions, our Ego, our fears and our acceptance of ourselves. We can choose to pull down, if even stone by stone, moment by moment anytime we like.

The Master Mason builds in rock to create something as hard as stone, lasting sometimes for Eons.

Yours is the decision to pull down those walls before to step into Freedom. Freedom that allows experience in lets life become the teacher rather than that of prison maker.

A Master Mason or not, yours to decide.


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