Oh the Pain, but the Love to give

Oh the Pain, but the Love to give

The Divine, God, Source, Allah, Mother, Father, impossible to imagine the gift given.

So heavy the load must be enough to crush, our home under the weight.

Enough to turn all before into dust, yet the weight, the load taken all the same.

For regardless of the name inserted all have given the gift of Life.

But not just of Life, but also of Love, experience joy, happiness. Impossible to hold onto even a micro or Nano-second of the pressure, the immense unimaginable weight that is held up for us to have the free will we do.

Even our Mothers and Fathers give us the same gift, Life after life, in their own way. As parents do and have done for Millennia.

For our choice is to Love, to bring happiness to ourselves and those around. Yet we turn so quickly to strike out, to harm, to kill, to murder, to war and to hate.

The environment provided is about experience, good and bad our choice. Yet the environment provided for all things, from Love. A Love powerful enough to have the Grace to allow us choice.

Choice to deceive, to hate, to be angry, to abuse, to not be in Love even of ourselves.

To take for granted all that given from Love. It’s the same Grace that allows your next breath.

Try not to today.


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