This is not the way

This is not the way

War is murder, murder is death.

Poison is Poison.

Toxic anything is toxic.

Hate, Anger, Deceit, Lies, hidden agenda, cause injury, kill, and destroy.

Destruction of our home, Planet Earth, is suicide for ourselves and those yet to arrive.

Profit, to make Money, stirs such agendas and fuels the fires of destruction.

These things are my choice as they are yours. We are all active in this game, this terrible destructive murderous game, until the game is put down.

In these matters, we all have blood on our hands.

When will enough people be killed in War? How many have already laid down their lives, dead, for you today, to be angry?

How much destruction will be enough to drown the greed?

How much must I consume to have consumed enough?

What must I do in order for you to be happy?

When will enough be enough?

Yet Grace and Love, steadfast they remain.


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