When does Balance Return

The twig’s journey

We have everything needed to observe and learn from this thing called Life. Yet we get caught up in our own little corner of the world. The pressure of family and friends. The work and career that consumes all before. That of the news and oh how terrible is this place.

Perhaps worst of all we get deceived into thinking that our place is THE place that we need to stand for.

It is our thought which is the correct one. Our opinion that needs hearing, if only to validate our own “stuff” to ourselves and others around us. We need to stand up for ourselves at sometimes huge cost, when someone else tries to do to us, what we are actually doing to others, if examining and quiet we remain.

For isn’t it right, that we are right, and everyone else just needs to “catch up” with me?

Yet all this might be considered madness if Life examined from a different scale for just a tick.

For our life might be compared to a twig, cast into the flow of a mighty river, that of the flow that is Nature itself. For it is into Nature we begin and end our journeys in this place.

In a small creek perhaps our journey begins. Easy to start with, then as the creeks converge and the river begins to flow. So we are adrift in the flow of a mighty river we find ourselves.

Regardless of our screaming, shouting, pressures and “how important we are”, so the flow around us just continues. It cares not how much we think others have caused pain, or the pain we inflicted on others. It just flows, ours the experience of being immersed in it.

We know not what lies ahead around the corner. We don’t even know how long our journey might last. Nor when we might get caught on a boulder or in an eddy, waiting for the next flood to provide opportunity to move on. Is our river that of raging torrent, or gentle peaceful flow? We know not.

It seems denial is enough to prevent the acceptance of the real “Laws” of this life. Or perhaps distraction all we need to never come to the place of understanding.

My hope for the reader; that you might come to a place of acceptance of the real Laws that abound and find in it, your place in the flow. For no amount of struggle, stress and pressure is ever going to remove yourself from the flow into which you arrived.

In memory and to honour the Life that was yours, Laurie. Rest now, finally able to put down all that weighed down for so long.

When does the Balance return?


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