Art will save the world

Art will save the world

This statement has been used, maybe abused by many. The Muse has used this term before recently in fact. But stay with me, “levels” are important to describe. For in the meaning of words stolen in our fast paced world, much of the richness has of course been taken from us.

Today the word “Art” naturally takes us to thoughts about painting, sketching, sculpture perhaps into Music and Poetry. In this modern world the “normal” boundaries would naturally reside in these restricted limitations. Just as we are supposed to be limited by them.

With study, stillness, reflection and paying attention to your own journey “things” are revealed as you are ready to be trusted with more.

The word “Art” through this process, I have come to know in a much richer way.

Art is in fact a very broad word that used to hold such richer a context. The Art I have come to know is that of anything that one undertakes for him or herself that involves learning.

Through this lens “Art” takes on an entirely new, almost boundless context.

The art of learning about yourself, the Art that can be learnt or held throughout history by others, the Art of absorbing and expressing your learnings, the art of learning how you learn what you learn.

This Art is your art therefore, when you are learning for yourself.

Deeper still for me at least, this Art isn’t that of material world.

Not the Art of learning a trade, nor that of learning how to drive or eat. For these are very left brain biased. Art yes, but not at the richness that has been revealed.

Right Brain Learning, the real Art I have come to know.

That of meditation, mindfulness, discovery, and then into the Arts formerly. Where the Art resulting, is that from letting go of the Left Brain dominance and allowing the free exploration of creation, via the right brain.

Where is this Art for you?

It’s in the seeking out of right brained knowledge.

Art, the “Art” I have come to know now has meanings even deeper than these expressed here.

There is however no point in exposing deeper layers. It is my understanding that certain aspects of learning have to be learnt rather than given. There are secrets, mysteries in this world that you have to find. Discover for yourself, as I have done and continue to do.

So, will “Art save the World”?. For me Yes is the answer when depth of definition is exposed. It is only through your right brain application of the art of your life that this will be made true.

Art will save the world, if we make application so, yes the only result.



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