The Weather

The Weather

When glazing into the clouds, through the Sun light, clouds, wind and rain, we see our weather. Built perfectly to understand with senses acute we breath, knowing all that is needed for the day. Our sight tells us what is coming, the sense of smell, where rain is coming or not, our ears tuned to the wind. A totally picture of being ‘‘alive” it seems.

But if considered for a while, this appears now such a small tiny part of what is really going on in ‘‘The Weather” on any particular day.

Our sight sees nothing in the Ultraviolet or Infrared spectrums, nothing at all. We see only 10 million colours, whilst most reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects can see 100 million. 10 Billion for some butterflies and birds.

Our ears range is typically considered to be between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. [12] Frequencies higher than audio are referred to as ultrasonic, while frequencies below audio are referred to as infrasonic. When viewed on a graph of sound frequencies oh so narrow the section.

Not limited to just these two examples of course, but neither of these care less about gravity and the protection afforded by our planet against the destruction of space.

All this other light and sound comes to us from far beyond our Planet. Each of the planets in our solar system makes sound, just as the Earth does. The Sun and the Moon of course by far the largest closest influences. Our galaxy of course then the closest next after the Sun.

In the same manner ‘‘our weather” is really a natural part of ‘‘Our Universe”, not just that heard on the surface as first considered true. For the entire Universe moves, shakes, makes sound and light in frequencies and spectrum’s we can see, hear and not.

Our weather therefore is the result of universally created weather and going’s on across the entire Universe.

This is perhaps in part why Birth charts and Astrology in some way work.

They are a map of the physical ‘‘bodies” we can track in space and what that meant or means at anyone given period of time on the planet. Your Birth Chart the same. A blue print of the layout of the astral bodies and what was ‘‘going on” here on Earth at that time, as a result.

Our weather is constantly changing, yes inside the spectrum’s we can see and ear, but equally in many thousands which we cannot. Stars come and go, bodies move around, Eclipses happen, the Moon constantly ebbing through its cycles all have massive impact upon the wider view or our ‘‘real weather” here on Earth.

For at end of all what we can see and hear is so limited and Planet Earth is in The Universe, not separate from it.

Next time you read or see a weather forecast, how complete is the picture if remaining ignored what is moving and changing in space?


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