A rock

A rock

When considered all, nature is constantly changing. Wind comes and goes, storms, sunshine, rain, cold, warmth all as a part of this soup we experience. Yet all of these change all the time.

Looking beyond, solar winds ebb and flow. Stars born, exist for a period then extinguished, transferring their energy into different forms across the Universe. Galaxies, time periods extended, but they flow, collide and go through change. Even their energy eventually fades and dims, spent.

When all physically examined, impossible it seems to find a real constant.

They tell me that the speed of light is constant, but then even with that I am not so sure. Others, we are told remain without change, but as time passes the very foundation of this logic often wobbles and sometimes crumbles.

Even our emotions, anger, Joy, sadness, confidence, being shy, happiness, come and go, add and sometimes take.

That of substances and not seem to offer only change.

Yet perhaps when all else boiled away, one thing, just one, remains.


When reflected upon at levels of the most brutal honesty the Love of family and Friends. The Love for the animals, those pets in your life. The Love for the person that touched your Life.

That came, if only for a brief time, and changed all, gifted to you. The Love of doing those things when you know you are in your space.

Perhaps the hardest constant to understand is the Love, which provided this place we call home.

This Rock, this constant, shines outside the brightness more than we could possibly comprehend. For it is beyond our understanding of substance, from where this rock is gifted.

So bright it would instantly blind sight, if we were able to catch just a glimmer of its depth.

Perhaps at levels that would make the bravest warriors knee tremble, that place of finding your Love of self. For this Rock is your place, where nothing else matters. Where you can stand and need nothing else, for all understanding comes, that it all will be swept away.

The journey of this thing called Life, might just be to live in this constant Love to find your true meaning of real honest Love of and for you.

To Love others around you, that who are with you for this Life.

For it would be impossible not to give, as your desire for others to travel with you, grows.

Humbled as you came to a place of understanding about this constant. For to even try to stand upon this rock is a place few fear to tread. For a harder place it is impossible to find, yet impossibly across all manner of spectrum, so soft at the same time.

Upon this rock there is space a plenty. For with purpose its design has provided for all, including you.



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