Those angels come

Those angels come

Harmony where these angels reside. Natural bringing forth all created and yet to come. Moving as one, yet infinite the depth of the separation, allowing each grace of being.

From all corners arriving soft, innocent, yet with strength beyond reproach. The striking, their arrival more of a gentle caress, but oh the power.

For these are the angels unveiled, Angles of Light bringing forth the matter of life. That of the Seen and Un-Seen. For it is inside these infinite shards that the vibrational energy, arrived to spark the creation of our home. Energising to this day.

Their patterns play where we reside, changing throughout history but always constant in the balanced signature left. A fabric woven of exquisite beauty, a flow. Where mere word would never be able to express.

Their real source, beyond that of the conscious mind. For it is from the infinite they arrive, and will be long long after we have gone.

Humbled we all should be by this divine joy, this unwavering gift.

For these angels at those of angles of light that brings forth all before. And through these angels all is maintained for ever more.


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