How inherently good we all are

How inherently good we all are

Eyes that sparkle so bright. The Universe contained therein. When combined with a smile so bright the light. Darkness and sadness gone in a flash.

Fingers / Skin so tender and soft to touch. Can reach out to touch with caring. Perhaps hand in hand, or more tender in a moment. Something given never to be replaced.

Ears to listen with. Deeply in those moments needed. Soul open wide, ready not to judge but just listen. Oh the power.

A mouth to speak such goodness. Sharing the love, building up, encouraging, imparting wisdom. So gently contributing the right thing at the right time.

Love, both passionate, erotic, head over heels over love and the love for others, family and friends.

Thoughts and actions. Oh the opportunities presented each day to think and act in better ways than those of yesterday.

How inherently good we all are. We have all we need, given from the start. Never can be taken away. Never can robbers steal in the night.

Yet then who is in charge, each day presented thus? Who’s actions will harden the clay in “that” way?

It is the way that you choose to live this life that matters. You are the craftsman of yourself. Thought, mind and deed. It is you and can only be you that chooses your path each day.

Will you Love or strike out?

Walk by and not lend a hand?

Smile, when only one could have lit the entire room?

Listen passionately in that moment, for that was all that was the need?

How inherently good we all are, your choice today and the next.



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