What we are learnt

What we are learnt

Time is now short; a review perhaps is in order.

We have learnt how to kill each other, so terribly well. At just the rise of Ego and the allure of power we strike. Continue to develop more and more lethal array of destruction.

We have learnt how to rape finite resource, with such automation, to take the breath away. For what was once precious now consumed in totality.

We have learnt how to make poisonous and toxically lethal aspects of our home, for perhaps hundreds of thousands of years to come. Consumption driving pollution, the pure result of the machine.

We have learnt how to be controlled, totally controlled, by currency. Our lives, before and after controlled and dictated to now, by this stuff that ceases to even exist.

We have been taught fear. Fear of another’s understandings, fear of the person next door. Isolation, locks and barriers everywhere the result.

We have learnt how to seek approval from outside of ourselves. Taking in information spewed at such vast volumes, as to take real learning away.  Distracted, massive so, at best.

We have learnt that of greed and the tremendous cost it brings.

We have learnt how to teach this as being normal, for those growing up.

Yet The Truth remains.

It has been our individual choice to seek out our truth, or not.

It is me and you that hold the future in our hands, just so.

For The Truths, out there, are there for those who seek.

Mankind is not above Nature. For we are deceived to believe that mastered already, Nature has been. Nature will do what Nature has done for millions and billions of years. We, just a grain of sand, for a split second have existed.

The resources of same are finite. One day, if path continued to be followed, the result easy to define.

We all have choice still, even if never really considered.

Choice to live better on our home. Live better with our neighbours and to build up our communities rather than that of being the taker. Choice to take up learning of how to live better together.

Choice to consume less and take care to ensure our footprints are light, as Life unfolds.

Choice to be a follower of crowds, or instead to explore the individual path that is before.

Choice to listen and learn, without the need to stand on another’s throat.

Time is now short. It is not too late, nor will ever be so, to consider all and take active decision for yourself.


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