We missed the boat

We missed the boat

Distracted by oh so much noise we have become. Lied and tricked into handing over our lives for the benefit of a very select few.

Work, purchase this, listen to that, pay attention to this political message or this horrid story of how someone else’s life has been, what calamity has befallen, “the news”, all those entertainment must have’s. Noise, all only noise.

All this time distracted away from the real truth the real laws of our home.

Missed the boat we have. For in this time, a great levelling becomes clear on the close horizon.

In spite of all the self-convincing, the puffed up self-talk about how grand and above nature we have become, this circle will do what all circles do. This circle will complete to begin again in its next rotation.

If we had heeded the warnings laid down so long ago. Our focus, energy and outcomes, directed to be in balance, would have been the result. Ours was the part of becoming aware of the nature we live in. We have paid it little heed; it will be our price to pay.

Maybe enough spirit will remain that not all learnt in this go round will be lost in the next. It’s just that we allowed ourselves to be collectively distracted for too long.

In these times, even more so now, the development of self is the most important challenge as it has always been.


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