Circles are happening all around at all sorts of different levels. Most of these are more set than perhaps first considered. Some are easy to see, some will remain hidden for all time.

From the macro to the micro circles being what they can only be, designed before time begun.

In their own motions locked in the dance that is the movement of everything around us, the flow that is the all of all.

In this physical place in the seasons we might first observe, these in the cycles that are the seasons. Or perhaps in the cycles that present in the celestial as we drift though space.

For our journey is that of the circles of orbit, but also the twist of the flow.

In the cellular level there is only cycles and circles. Cells themselves come and go, created only to perish at some time defined for the future. At the atomic, electrons, all in movement, cycling through their part.

Deeper still, cycles are observable in emotion and other aspects, like perhaps the strongest of these Love and Hate. For if hate or anger given, then hate and anger it returns. If of Love then in Love the energy is honoured. Both can be equally powerful in their journey, their circle.

Everything in its place, balanced, if even not immediately understood, these cycles and circles just are.

In these circles is bound all that is all. For there can be nothing without these spinning. Yet in this, this picture, impossible to capture in words, there is limitation also. For in each element, brick in this story the vibration and movement is constrained.

For very little an extremely small number can change or move outside these circles.

Perhaps the miracle of this life itself, the real God moment, is that we are conscious enough to be responsible for lifting our own vibrational existence.

This the greatest gift again beyond that which words can contain.

For to each of us is given the right to choose to work hard to lift the vibrational circle flow that is you in this time. We can alter indeed the very who I am of the who I am.

Much attention is required to going beyond that circle into which you were born. But yours that of the greatest gift given, to change the circle that is you.


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