Universe, in awe, we belong

Universe in awe we belong

The psychical Universe is complete and balanced. Doing what it needs to support the abundant life throughout.

Its foundation, upon which everything substantiated, is energy.

Electrical / Magnetism in nature, it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This base sees no boundary / no difference between the vacuum of space and deep Earth, solid mass.

Through this electrical foundation across the Universe there is no difference, no boundary between anything. Just Energy. In places weaker in others strength.

Our bodies and everything we see physically and experience – no difference. For we are part of this grand design. Electrical / Magnetic beings to the very core.

There is no separation from the physical electrical Universe for us. We are made up of electrical energy, for the very atoms that spin to provide substance about our psychical being is electrical in Nature.

It has to be as a) we are comprised of atoms and b) we are an intricate / inseparable part of the physical universe.

Evidence for this hidden in plain sight, even in the very language we use daily almost. We are “attracted to” or “Repulsed by” something. Equally we might be “Poles apart” in negotiations.

All hints in our language about or Electrical / Magnetic world, clues baked right in, to the “Core” (Magnetic Core), if you pardon the pun. Equally when we feel connected to someone else, as an electrical statement of fact.

At this level nonsense might be the best description of the word Nature as we apply it today. For Nature isn’t, as is currently the case, that to which we apply just to this the world. Nature in fact knows no boundary, for there is none in this electrical world.

Nature is the entire Universe.

Everywhere there is vibration directly linked to the electrical forces. All the planets and objects around us vibrate as a natural aspect of their physical construction. Our Rocks, Trees, Birds, Water, Us and even the planets and stars around us all have their own vibrational signature. Listening to the planets vibrational signatures can resonate deeply with the listener.

The take outs:

Nature / Natural include the entire Universe, with us as a small part, but inseparable to the very core. All of Nature is our very home, not just the planet we reside on.

Everything vibrates attracting and repealing along the way.


We, the individuals of the human race can change the levels we vibrate at, within our natural bandwidths. Masters of ourselves when understood.

Getting angry, under stress, feeling depressed, all lower your vibrational signature. These lowered emotional / electrical states also open opportunity for the body to move into disease (Dis-ease). “I’m feeling down” or “low” because that is actually electrically where you are.

Right sided brain activity such as meditation, music, art, performing arts and being in nature, raise our vibrational state, leaving us “feeling up”, and for very good Universal Law reasons. “I’m on cloud nine” – Up vibrationally.

(Food, whether or not the food consumed is electric or not also plays a big part. Processed foods are not electric.)

So now to where?

To become “in tune” or “spiritually awakened” (not just physically knowledgeable about worldly issues) the individual needs to focus on raising his or her vibrational state.

Through the processes of changing and maintaining higher and higher levels of vibration allows us to “tune in” more and more to higher realms of knowledge and awareness about nature and the Divine.

The lower the vibration, the less we are in tune, the higher, the more we are. Just as different wave lengths of radio frequency.

This truth, for me at least, isn’t complex, seems to be hidden in plain sight for the most part, never taught in any conventional way and yet would have to be the most natural aspect of life.

Hopefully food for thought for whoever Is supposed to receive this message.

Connected we all are in this place we call home.

Y gwir erbyn y byd

Footnote: This works of course in reverse. Changes in the vibrational energy coming to us from space have an impact upon every individual’s vibrational state here. There have been a few changes in the last few years, which for me at least make a lot of sense when observing events going on around this planet.


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