My rights

My rights

I have the right to:

• To care for others.

• Listen with everything I have, to a person in need someone just to listen.

• Be compassionate to someone crossing my path.

• Take another’s hand and hold tight in friendship when there is need.

• Provide a shoulder to cry on.

• Not judge another’s path, nor to pass judgement on the experiences they have had.

• Not be harsh on myself for learning experiences, which at end of all are the greatest place of learning.

• Live peacefully, if it is a peaceful life I am choosing.

• Look after my home.

• Take a path that is different from everyone else.

• Not struggle against those things that Life has come my way.

• Love with all that is within me. To Love oh so deeply.

• To get to know myself, the deeper who I am.

• Not be told what I must think, how I must be affected by circumstance around.

• Be in joy, regardless. Celebrating the gift that was given.

• Laugh for the sheer pleasure of the act.

• Smile.

For these are not the rights of standing on another’s throat. But rather the rights of strength, the hard path. The honest path. The warrior’s path of internal strength and steadfastness.

If indeed I had inherent rights upon arrival to this place, then these are mine. Imagine if, others applied the same rights towards you.

Impossible, maybe the thought. And true the result if decision to not change remains. As ripples upon a pond do, everything done expands out from you.



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