Miracle’s, gone and forgotten

Miracle’s, gone and forgotten

When mind cast free to think of what the word means. For a lot, maybe it wanders to the religion story of an odd occurrence happening somewhere abstract just from time to time maybe.

But away from you for sure.

For aren’t miracle’s the things of stories and legends long since departed, light long ago dimmed and extinguished .

In these “modern days” we might hear strange stories of occurrences, perhaps not label as Miracle’s, but down played instead to be something strange, maybe. Maybe even laced with fear.

Rise, rise above the dross, calm the noise, and rest a while, with me. Just pause.

Ponder, really consider what it took over millennia for our galaxy to form, just so. For the Solar System we call home to spin in just the right way. How the seasons keep our home in balance.

How we are perfectly at home on our home.

If detail presents the view, consider what it has taken to have that bird fly by, just for you to notice in the moment and maybe consider what has transpired for it to be so.

Look down see the grass under the foot. The seeds, the process of the creation of the seed. Then the circumstance drawn together to create the grass you see and feel.

Further inside now.

How just perfectly your lungs work on each breath drawn in and perhaps never really valued. How your heart is the single most amazing pump that the world has ever seen. How your eyes adjust to different light, can see near and far. How your fingers and hands arms work in perfect balance.

Deeper still.

That you feel emotion. You can Love, you have those that Love you. That you can dream, create, and ponder the mysteries of your home.

Gone and forgotten these things called miracles are, maybe not.

Maybe they are so, so common in fact that we take all of them for granted, in this soup we call Life. Basically there in every moment, but completely ignored as we control our lives.

For all I see now are Miracle’s in every moment of this thing I call Life.


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