Where are the signs?

Where are the signs?

The car slowly speeds up, it gently accelerates out onto the open road. At first no problem to control and manage the result.

Enjoying the journey, the country side as it gently slides by. The birds can be heard over the engine hum. The smell of fresh cut grass brings smile so bright. The clouds seem motionless, there for the sun to warm up the day.

But then the car continues to pick up speed. Faster and fast it goes until fear for life rapidly the result. Yet faster it continues to go.

At these new speeds what was being enjoyed, replaced with fear of just surviving the ride. Almost all the signs now a blur, where first the scenery was there to behold. Unable to deviate the path, for too dangerous now to turn, speed too high, the crash would be to risk death itself. Hell bent now to achieve this or that, the signs forgotten long ago.

And still the questions about this life remain, where, where are the signs that guide and direct?

The signs we seek are right are where they are supposed to be and will always remain there, just so. Guiding as always, never changing or moving from perfect place.

Yet if we travel too fast, rushing from this to that, do we gain or rob?

For the signs will never change.


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