Leadership reversed, if only they knew

Leadership reversed, if only they knew

Taught at the very core is acknowledgment, nay confirmation, that we need to “look up” to find “The Leaders”.

Those that stand in the lofty offices of Government, that stand up in the media or from the UN. Large corporations, even those who are programmed to be “leaders” from local councils, lawyers or the Police. Even when “rising up” under a judge upon entrance.

Programming around “leaders” and “Leadership” is woven into the very fabric of our thinking. There is much comfort in this thinking for the many.

For it seems “better” if indeed someone else is handed the reins.

I need not care about my own responsibilities; for I am too busy trying to live, so I am better off and much safer this way. A notion whilst on the surface seems sound, but it comes at oh, such a cost.

If examined closely however, most “mainstream” models seem in fact upside down. They steal much, basically in deceit, quietly removing all that is the sober richness of this Life.

But if not those “at the top” then, to whom should we seek our guidance? Who sets the standards by which I can follow?

The answer that scares many, is that in every day in every way we all are already setting the leadership standards of today and tomorrow to come.

For in each interaction we have, we teach and lead those around us.

Whether in grace to open the door. To offer an ear to listen without “judgement” or to smile just because you decide to.

Just as powerful, to yell and let anger boil over. Or to spend time and effort to steal, hurt or destroy.

In all these actions is where the truth about leadership is found. For we lead those around every day, governing and programming by who we are and how we have interacted.

Our children learn this from us directly.

Our work mates daily receive programming from us, students most assuredly and those even in little ways that choose to follow that they have seen from you.

Much soberness is required to acknowledge where the real power of leadership resides. For in truth you are, we all are “leaders” in our own right each moment our feet are upon this Earth.

To reverse these models, this programming, is not for the faint of heart. To place your hand upon your life and change gear all by yourself. To acknowledge the control and leader you already are, all this takes in reality of course is your next choice or decision.

This act never more simple, yet the comfort sold remains. “Let us drive for you for you shouldn’t be bothered with that”



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