As I travel today through this journey called Life

May my footsteps be light, leaving a print that is gentle and kind, but with purpose also. May I have understood what it is to have lived humbly upon my home.

Focused in each moment to move deliberately, yet with Grace. When the step landed just right, the print was where and when it was supposed to be.

Thoughts of tomorrow having not been a distraction from the now of today. Considerations about the events of gone by, that of learning, not regret. For all forge the action in the next. Let me worry not what tomorrow will bring, for no response can I apply to that that is yet to take place.

Let me be brave enough to first be honest with myself. For without a sober view of reflection, too much shadow remains, with honour I must be. Then to be honest for those around. Not for destruction or harm, but from Love and understanding with the gentleness of touch. To build up, encourage, support and be the zone of “Safe” if needed.

May I have learnt to quieten the mind and turned off the Ego. Replacing instead with Heart and Soul. Learnt to listen to the teaching that abounds, once vibration attuned. Foot steps centred on the path.

When my steps cross those of another, may I have listened peacefully to learn the lesson presented. Respected the gift of the contact made, energy shared, time spent. May their life have been shown respect and kindness, been uplifted.

Most of all, may I have learnt not to interfere. Where in spite of all, what I may have offered with intention set to best, not needed the real challenge.

If today be my last, let the journey lived be worthy of the time provided by grace. May the lives’ touched, been so with all humbleness and Love. For as most natural indeed, my steps will be washed away by the next tide, coming.

Should you look, in the energy, smiles and emotion of those that knew me, I’ll be. Having tried, once truth revealed, to make life better for those who life connected with mine.

In their footsteps parts of me will be making the impression as they journey of their path beyond my time.


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