To be vulnerable

To be vulnerable

This is not the vulnerability that exists because others have trodden on you. This is not the vulnerability used to gain others approval, or to belong in the crowd. This is not the vulnerability that costs you, in fact, anything.

For this is the vulnerability of exquisiteness.

A place of deciding to be what others need in that moment.

Then being grounded enough to stay in place for as long as needed.

This is the person who, having travelled the path, that of learning, self-reflection and stillness. Coming to that place of understanding about themselves where being vulnerable is a simple choice. Where external factors matter not. You can decide to be of service to another in a far more rich way than most would comprehend.

To be performed as the master musician only can, having invested hours in training and practice. Built up a solid foundation upon which is stood the individual. Prepared to make themselves vulnerable, totally committed to another.

Yet safe in the knowledge that the foundation is strong enough that no personal residue or hurt will remain.

As water streams down a window of glass. Not damaging the surface in anyway. Such is the personal strength in this exquisite act.

Yet the receiver of such a gift is served with all humility and grace that can be mustered for that time.

These are the paths for the sober to walk. Those who have invested much time arrive to the place of knowing that serving, being vulnerable, is a natural safe thing, when required.

For this vulnerability can touch another in divine ways and never leave a mark.


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