I know we miss the point

The point is not the taking from one other, nor the locking away in fear, my life and what enrichment it should bring to those around me.

Equally it isn’t the continual surrender of my life to the gods of this place, that can be taken from me in an instant, by the whim of an unseen hand.  For it shouldn’t and needn’t be a world of locks, hatred, anger or deceit. Yet still around we decide this path, it seems.

We are told to seek this out, to quickly look over there, then there and there, in constant state of madness. To give up all for the striving for more. So we in turn can be imprisoned by the need to hold fast else risk loss. Reminded constantly we all are not become distracted away from the race.

Yet in all, seems we miss the point.

Why shouldn’t Love be the point?

The Love of creation, struggling to survive when we boarder up, pave and destroy all around.

The Love of the smile given to another, the same as the child wrapped in the mothers arms.

Love for the caring for each other and those things we need to survive.

The Love of this very special gift given without clause or hidden agenda. Just the environment for us to learn without judgement, maybe the point.

The Love in giving, whatever is asked, just because we decide it so.

The Love for our home, trodden on, consumed and destroyed at every turn it seems.

Things weep and bleed all around, yet blinkered we have been taught to be.

In this moment, for you decide, do you miss the point?

For isn’t Love, the only point.


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