As the ripples of a pond do when struck by a stone, so does the energy you give off does also. It goes places, affects things and changes not only yourself but those around you. In this regard you are the creator of your life, good or not.

The interesting thing is however, whilst intent pure, the receiver is a critical part, and therefore the delivery to ensure the receiver receives as you intended is paramount.

Anger is obvious in this example. It is not hard for the receiver to work out where your energy is coming from. Bad equals bad for this examples purpose.

But what of good intent.

If received with the intention to build up and encourage or support, then good equals good. Delivered well, received with the intent it was meant to carry. The ripples on the pond vibrate with good waves and spread out.

But let’s focus for a moment on those times where in-spite of your good intentions, the receiver picks up bad from you.

Like when you are listening to someone else and already have made up your mind that what you have to say to them is right for them, regardless of how you say it.

Or when someone is annoying you and in spite of the fact that what you may have said was well intended, you just blurt out or speak over them to ensure they heard how correct you are, for them.

Good will for sure equal bad. With those ripples spreading out just as they do our pond.

Whilst not suggesting that we can be totally responsible for the reception of everything we say. If we do take responsibility for being mindful moment by moment and thinking about how we interact with others. Maybe a better chance of Good equalling Good more often will result, with the energy we create in this world.

You do / we do create energy in this world. In being the creator, it must be you that takes care to ensure it is handled and delivered carefully by you, at the moment of creation.


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