There will come a day

There will come a day

There will come a day, when breath drawn will be my last. When the air gently escapes the lungs for time no more. In that moment, just as it is supposed to be, the die that was cast as my life will be broken. Never to be used again, in quite the same way.

I know not when that change may occur, when I get to go home.

But that moment awaits for me as it does for you, regardless of struggle along the way.

For everyone lives a full life. Some for sure of less time than others, but each completed on that day, as it must be.

Cried, wept, felt pain, frustration and perhaps anger, for sure these waters may have come my way. Yet outweighing by far, may the rivers of Light, Love, incredible Joy and Happiness been received and experienced with all I had. May I have held nothing back. For this is the way it is supposed to be, with heart open wide.

May I have touched those around just so.

Providing encouragement and support in times of need. Exalting each, from Love, to do and experience all it is theirs to be. To have provided a safe place of rest, where listening more than all other gifts combined, all needed, when considered just so.

To have learnt not to judge, not to cast down with the harshness that requires little or no thought at all. Instead to have chosen the path less travelled, that of the brave maybe, might have been mine in that time.

May I have been wise enough to learn to truly listen to the voice of silence.

At end of all, may I have left this place better than when I arrived.

Simple I came, with freedom to create or destroy and simple is how I’ll depart.

May the energy left behind and all that was me, be remembered with just a smile and fondness of heart.


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