Earth has a spirit, mother Earth

She breathes all the time. Gentle filled with a mother’s passion.

Capable of much destruction and cleansing, but also incredible creation and mystery. If tuned, takes breath away each time the grace of vision presents.

With those with ears to hear, her vibration surrounds, in a caress of Life. Swiftly being pulled through space, with her family in harmony.

Providing the protection that allows abundant Life, nurturing.

Patient, oh so ever patient, she waits.

She is Majesty, crown worn humbly but deserved. Her music is in the water that flows freely, in the rain that touches the cheek, down the neck over the breast. She can be heard in the wind that tickles the thigh as through the fields it blows.

Playful yet strong, never tells the whole story, yet wisdom to encourage and guide. A safe place to be surrendered in her arms.

Never forget the Grace extended to each and every one of us for this place we call home.


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