Our ability to interact with this world with senses provided, limited, might be the best description. For all needed to be done is a simple trick on the eye to change our perspective on everything.

Is the can when looked at straight on in fact a square, yet from the bottom or top a circle?

Is the noise that just outside of hearing range, less than those we hear?

Is the vibration that we live in less real because our senses aren’t tuned to receive?

Is the world of the whale, dolphin, bats, birds, bees and more, less so because they process our world in ways we can’t comprehend?

Colour blindness, deafness, and sight impairment all change our version of perceiving. Yet without much effort to find, there are folk without sight using sonar to ride pushbikes, and skate boards etc.

In the same way our world, the one we individually process seems, of course, right and correct to us.

Yet how easily can our view, the way we process the world, be changed?

Why then are we so quick to judge others views of the world?

For theirs is the same as yours, individually tuned to their life and experiences.

Why then are we so quick to judge?


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