Now from a different perspective applied.

Those with sight can see a twisted floor, yet that is not true. So even inside our limited ability, tricks can be played to change our version of Reality.

More, for those without sight this picture affects them not, nor would the floor if they were to walk on it. For they have no ability to perceive anything other than density.

Yet even with a full complement of senses, so it is the same for us.

For beyond our sight, out of range of our hearing, beyond what we can perceive exists. Just as the illusion does for those with sight.

For all around is energy, without gap, dense as can be. This energy is the Nature of Nature beyond that perceived.

Sometimes we do sense aspects of all in all.

When going into a space and the feeling is heavy upon first entrance. Or times of Deja Vu, when we feel like we have been somewhere before, yet know in this time, we haven’t. Such is evidence, but just the tip.

With our extremely limited senses, much time and focus required to hone the skills to remain beyond that of the boundary of normal. For normal for the blind person is to remain without vision of the twisted floor.

So it is that “normal” today, limited by currently thought of normal senses. Yet even though the blind person can’t see the floor, it still exists.

Yet naturally, as Nature intended we can progress into a world, breaking the chains of “normal” to enter into a world that is naturally ours to discover.

We are in a time, changing of times, where much rediscovery begins to occur. The boundaries of normal, already in decay.

Yours the choice to accept or deny. For both are valid places of truth.

Yours to decide and move towards if thought and action would be so.


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