The Theatre Before

the theatre before

You arrive outside the building, full of anxious anticipation.

Looking forward to the experience of the play unfolding. For its cold out and the warmth of the theatre beckons, and you have been told this play is a “not to be missed, once in a lifetime” opportunity.

Ushered in, shown to the seat, just so. The lights dim, red curtains quietly open. The heart beats fast now, seems hard to take a simple breath. Lights lift to brighten the stage, and so the play begins.

Characters, each taking their part, from scene to scene the story is revealed.

It is difficult maybe closer to impossible to turn away.

Shocked, with breath robbed from the lungs, stunned.

For as you sit comfortable in that place, the story presented is not less than the story of your life.

There is much that rises up in you as your fears, your weakest moments, your joys; your loves are acted out on stage to all before. But as you sit now riveted to your seat, oh so much more you have learnt by being a witness that has happened.

It appears also that each audience member can see their own story being played out, given the expressions around the place. Some interesting thoughts arrive as “bolts” from above.

What might happen if I learnt to observe rather than being in control of my Life? How much more simple might my life be, if I took my “hands off”, for a while?

How much “in control” am I really of the next act to be played?

How well did my fears serve me, how many of them actually came true?

Red curtains return, dulling the show as acts draw to a close.

Much left unanswered, yet to be known for that is the way it is supposed to be.

Those things of tomorrow and how they play out, all yet to be worked out.

Gliding as if feet not on the ground, outside quick you have come.

Surrounded by those from the same showing, same expression to be seen.

For now you have seen your life as “The Observer”, there can be no going back.

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