When does the balance return?

When does the balance return?

How does chemical reaction bring the spark of consciousness into being?

For chemical reaction of thought provides not a hint of a platform for any such leap of the gap presented thus. Yet as the reader can testify, he or she feels, loves, with self-talk in legions, all from this simple chemical reaction?

This is the spark that is the human form. Shared at various levels with the others that roam this residence.

Yet the scientific model is one of separation. In denial or perhaps worst, isolated, it attempts to charge forward, deeper and deeper into the insane abyss.

“Eyes they not, Ear they have not, for both eyes and ears are taken possession by the sights and sounds of another age”

This makes toxic much of the world we know.

Allopathic blindly, in denial, charging forward to concoct all manner of isolated poison. For if foundation flawed for how long can the structure last?

It is not until that of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Astronomy, Morality and Spirituality are the crucible of understanding that the dead end be reversed.

That cast off as magic today has all required to reverse the rust and decay experienced, like it or not, by the masses of now.

The same flawed foundation charges the barrel misfiring in industry and many a corridor of research. Is it therefore any wonder why we rush over the cliff of isolation and separation?

Seeking false comfort when all else fails to that of “The Law”.

Oh so toxic the result.

In reflection, by contrast comes not more than normal, or perhaps better described as natural, ISIS.

We need look no further for the rot that has forged this path of destruction.

To the Magi and Bruno, our faces should be turned.


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