Beauty abounds

Beauty Abounds

With breath taken gently from the lungs, with eyes to see, all that can be seen is beauty.

It is there waiting for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, waiting for us each day.

The weed growing beside the road, in spite of all odds, finding just enough to present abundant Life.

The bird on the wing playing with the mate on the hot summer thermal day.

The bee that knows no different than a life of serving and gathering to keep the hive alive.

Simple pure good, ordered.

It’s in the laughter of the children as they race home together, not understanding the gift of time they have before, to continue their exploration of this Life. The rain and storms that come in with smell, oh so fresh.

Notice the colours that come into your Life, see them a new.

Take in the smells the day would have you experience. Even those perhaps you would rather not, if even just to make you smile when you experience, so you notice even those.

It’s also most abundant in those times that someone just needs someone to listen, just for a while. A hand held, smile given, just because decision to be brave has been taken. There is so, so much power, in just a simple smile.

Take the time today, to slow down, and see all the amazing scenes presented that before may have gone by unnoticed.

When all the worries have faded, heavy loads put down, perhaps then, like me, your breath will be taken from you because of the incredible beauty of this place we call home.

Breathe today, feel deeply. It will surprise how all those things previously ignored will stand out. Let your breath be taken, each and every day.

All these things and so much more wait for you when you decide to see and feel it.


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