Who are we, why are we hiding from ourselves?

Who are we, why are we hiding from ourselves?

Programming, if clever enough you’ll never notice.

We are born, only two types of expression. Female (wīfman) and male (wǣpmann).

Two legs, two arms, hair, eyes, feet, ribs, nose, throat, teeth etc. All sorts of different shapes and colours are expressed. All manner of languages, religions and culture taught. But when all said and done, just Female or Male.

Of course skeletally and in other body functions, hormones for example there is difference. Yet we are fundamentally all the same, just Male and Female, inside that sameness.

The differences between both forms physically if reviewed at the surface: Male genitalia and Female genitalia. Not more not less.

Can we change this? No of course not. It is just the way it is. Not good or bad, not wrong or right, it just is. In fact without either, as a species extinction the only result.

So why then all the fuss?

Why all the cloak and dagger? Why must we cover up for fear of offending others? Why do certain places in the world kill and murder for “too much” skin revealed, too much Love publicly expressed? When others gear off, almost totally nude in the sun, society almost couldn’t care less?


When honestly reviewed, thought made clear, it is almost totally childish thought. For aren’t we all, only one form expressed or the other?

Get over it.

If my actions aren’t physically hurting anyone else. My intention without fault, not an ounce of shame carried, why all the fuss? Why all the murder?

Why all the hate? Why all the judgement? Why all the denial? Who placed into me that “I need feel shame about who I am” mode anyway?

For at end of all, there are only two expressions of what it is to be human. Female (wīfman) and male (wǣpmann).

The rest has arrived into my head by the agendas of others and the resulting thoughts, and then actions, these thoughts have limited me to. Not more, not less. For we can’t change physically anything of the two.

You can still hold fast to who you are, in fact maybe explore who you are in new ways. Shame as coming to you from external sources, you need not be, ashamed. In fact quite the opposite should prevail.

Programming ……

Y gwir erbyn y byd



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