Electric this place is

Electric this place is

Often discovery, not more than seeing something that was always there. Right in front and centre.

Clues for the truth manage somehow to maintain themselves.

Perhaps in some way they are expressions of the absolute and could never actually be removed.

These are maintained in English today with roots from times long ago. I would suspect other languages have similar parallels.


• I “connected” with someone today.

• I feel “grounded”.

• I am so “turned on”, by this.

• I feel “disconnected” from myself.

• I feel “flat” today.

• I just need to “recharge” a little.

• I am “amped” right now.

• We need to “isolate” ourselves from this.

• I am “charging” you with ……

• We need to “close the loop” on this one.

• I am so “turned off” by this.

• There was a real “spark” when we meet.

• My whole body is “buzzing”.

• I feel so “connected” to that person.

• You need to “connect” with her / him.

• We need to “insulate” ourselves from this.

• I am going to blow a “fuse”.

• I am “repulsed” by that person or event.

A race track can easily be called a “circuit”. Especially when considering that a race track is endless and a closed loop by its very design. Exactly as the electrical circuit is.

Buried in our very language is the truth about the real substance of this place we live in.

As science begins to understand, much of the substance that holds our Universe just so is electrical in nature. The Birkeland currents, being just the tip of the iceberg. Dark matter not so much as currently described, but electric powers “forcing” the Universe, yes.

Maybe the scars on Mars the biggest physical indicators, local to us. Or the further study of the Magellanic Bridge.

This is supported by the number sequence 124875 and the resulting electrical torus this sequence supports. Yet this too whilst on the surface of mathematics, hidden in plain sight.

Perhaps the real mystery isn’t that of an Electric Universe.

Perhaps the real discovery or mystery is, how this and other secrets manage to be maintained by our everyday language and thinking?

For in a million other ways, we could have used and we could be using an infinite number of alternatives.

And in spite of all still we use electric language to describe so much.

Much is revealed if time invested to consider all what this means. For every cell in your body is electric in its nature.

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My examples hint both at electric and items more magnetically inclined. Many might struggle with that “connection”.

From an energy flow perspective, I am not sure they can be separated.

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