Clouds come and go

Clouds come and go

Just because something can’t be seen or heard doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Clouds: We see them for just moments sometimes, to witness their departure in the next instant. Yet others remain bound, by forces not revealed, for longer duration.

All the ingredients required for their arrival and departure didn’t change.

Something triggered the vapour to gather just so, so that light refracted, exposed what was always there.

Everything in nature is found in alignment with this principle.

Mountains come and go. Oceans are for a while, then not. The seed became the plant that returns to ultimately to the soil.

Loved ones are taken sometimes before allocation of a full life lived, it seems.

They were here with us all too briefly, then change only, to a place we cannot see. In perfect alignment with a natural law of our home.

Just as the cloud may or may not.

I may see the cloud again.

Changed in form so that no two are never the same. But from the same elements created each time.

The essence that is us, comes for a while, to then disappear again when time is right.

In the same way all that was before, those we knew, now gone.

Remain beside us, just out of sight, not more.

For all that was them, unchanged, just waiting for time to be right again.



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