Candles, as Nature prescribes

Candles, as Nature prescribes

Once lit, candles naturally burn at a rate pre-prescribed. Vulnerable to the winds that blow, at risk of being extinguished beyond our control.

They burn, gently illuminating all around, warming the soul if permission given. Light so pure that even the smallest of flame, seeming too intense sometimes to hold the glaze.

But burn candles do, gently and naturally consuming all the fuel. The centre candle is you. (Pause for a moment, to look at yourself. Take in what this tells you.)

Be sure to cherish your time in this place.

For you know not when fuel is no more. Nor when gust might overpower the flame. To leave just that whilst of smoke behind.

The instant spark ignited the flame, limited your time here then became.

For you know not when your reserve might hit zero or when wind may come threatening the very light that is you.

Enjoy the glow and warmth gifted by those close by.

Cherish those times together as Nature allows.

But know that is naturally always the case to be, one day the light that is you will be no more.

Remain alert to ensure this view is not lost. For regardless of whether you are alive in your life, the candle still burns.



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