No end in Sight

No end in sight

An oil tanker, mid ocean, course set, destination however not so sure.

It’s fuel, from two sources. That extracted from all environment air, land and ocean, and that it takes from us all.

For as it rides the waves it consumes all around. That of finite resource our home, of course. But it also requires our energy, our very lives to keep it doing what it does. And for the most only toxic flumes the result.

Born into this tanker we all are: black, white, rich and poor. Most without knowledge about circumstance cast. Each and assigned deck, and assigned role to play.

Some to the sun above deck enjoying the ride. Pulling various levers to adjust course, just so. Whilst most, head down below decks frantically pedalling to keep the tanker afloat and on course. Still without destination known.

Others seeing ship sailing by literally killing themselves to come on-board. For this ship’s journey the place to be, it is held.

The madness of the tanker not apparent to most, so busy they have been. So distracted by bright lights and promise of a better tomorrow.

And still tanker glides on, consuming all around and most on board, for life beyond never revealed.

Yet for the few, who aware now enough to ask why, options presented endless it seems, to depart.

The mystery of knowledge and adventure awaits, for those brave enough to ask why. Why enough to get out.

Why we have set sail with no end point in sight. Why we consume all around, without care for how toxic our blight.

For those precious few who decide to abandon ship, much responsibility carried, each day now anew.

For each soul that awakens sober the choice. To withdraw from the madness to discover a different route.

For this is the land of self-reflection and painful lessons learnt. It is also the place of caring for all around.

For many the causality of this tankers’ resolve.

Think your effort matters not? Yet each overboard soul, one less grain for engines to consume. And two more hands stretched up to help others down, over the side.

For this tanker with destination not known, will itself self-implode one day. Rusted hulk fading to be no more. Running aground when resources exhausted will be. Hopefully in time enough to let Nature self-heal.

To those who hear message thus. More power to you to be in your place. Stay true to the path before.

For yours is the path that will ultimately save us all.

Each person, one less for the tanker to consume.


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