That of the Sailor

That of the sailor

Today I set sail upon the ocean that is my life, as taken for granted, I normally do. Where the winds blow I know not, tomorrow a mystery that will only be revealed when perfect time arrived.

Does the wind bring calmness or storm? I know not. For mine is not the path to try to understand that which causes the wind to blow.

Mine instead the path to refine the response. Mine instead to practice that which I might need when storm arrives. Mine also to know the art of the sailor, never taking for granted that of the journey itself. For sometimes destination is not the purpose at all.

Rather it might be the wisp of salt on my lip, or the Sun on the face, much richness experienced.

There to enjoy the bird on the wing as it flies by, because that is its place.

To support those around whom travel in the same place, my Life resides. To rescue those who perhaps are drowning without even knowing they travel, just the same as I once was.

If I am clever, the signs presented, my attention should remain fixed. For it is in the stars my path made clear. In the stillness afforded if focus applied, time to listen inside for how to trim the sail just so. Flexible in resolve yet more grounded inside the journey itself.

May my heart remain open to the wind that blows.

May I always be ready to respond just so, to the new direction and strength as each day unfolds before.

Never to miss a moment of this journey called Life. Never to let another drown, now that Life’s real meaning understood.

May you in exactly the same way learn that of the art of the sailor, as the winds afford much grace your way.

So much in fact that our mind’s not built to fully comprehend.

May the joy of the journey and that of the traveller, never leave you.


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