For the moment suspended I was

For the moment suspended I was

Went out today, took a break from the daily routine.

Upon returning to the car, mid journey, felt the warmth of the winter sun. It caressed me as if warming my very soul.

In that instant all passed in front, isolated each part but together in the whole inseparable.

Simple, oh incredibly so, yet more complex and beautiful, that mere words that light the darkness, couldn’t shine any light on the majesty. Not close.

Yet Nature goes on for all time from before and that yet to come, doing what it always has.

The gifts of experience and learning it seems taken for granted by the many.

Discarded, sometimes not even seen, lifetime spent fully immersed but totally unseen, as blindfold too dense.

This, no more than the vibration of nature bringing the warmth and joy of being alive. In that moment with breath stolen away, gifted to witness that which is before. Unseen for the bulk of the days spent.

Take the time to smell the roses as your path unfolds before.


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