When do I get to be happy?

When do I get to be happy?

Rush, push, stress, achieve, strive, pressure, go, fight, anger, distrust, achieve, be all, have it all. Full lives can be, so full that space for happiness is no more.

I have so many commitments, so many are depending upon my efforts being there for them. Where would everyone else be if I wasn’t continually fighting to be all I have to be, where would I be?

All the time not understanding that the time to really enjoy this experience called Life, has been extinguished. Pushed aside under excuse and justification, because it is what I know.

If then “Happy” “Happiness” and “Joy” have been removed to where did they go?

Has their light gone out never to be re-ignited? Have they moved on to someone more deserving perhaps?

Pause to ponder, if even just for a moment, then a truth may come rushing back like a flood.

Our Joy and Happiness have nothing to do with the need to be anywhere or have “any of those things”.

Instead laughter, fun, enjoyment, joy and happiness are contained in our next decision.

To smile because you decide to.

To laugh deeply because laughter heals the Soul. To take the time to allow Nature to reveal itself to you. To take the time to be kind to yourself. To begin to understand those aspects about yourself now you aren’t distracted by always doing, for everyone else.

Yes of course if your focus hasn’t been applied thus, it all might be a bit foreign to start with.

Regardless Happiness and Joy are the result of decisions taken. The result of paying attention to look and explore being happy. The decision to be happy, not in spite of troubles and stress, but to rise above that which sometimes can’t be changed, and hold steadfast for yourself anyway.

Happiness and Joy are indeed states of mind.

They have never left you, but perhaps forgotten by you they might have seemed so far away. Be brave; take the choice to be happy anyway. If stumbled, trip up by something along the way.

Don’t worry just take decision again to return to the happy state of mind.

Over time watch yourself change. Look with new eyes how wonderful Life can be. Hear the crisp new crackle of Life as you throw yourself into it, with a new state of mind.

Doubting perhaps the easiest or safest place to find yourself. Just “trying it out” perhaps seemingly most difficult. Both are however your decision to make.

If indeed evidence is required.

Make and hold a smile for just ten seconds. Repeat. Then check in on how you feel. “Things” would have changed.


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