How to grow diamonds applied

How to grow diamonds applied

“How to grow diamonds” a previous writing about creating those things that matter. Then a simple planner contained in “The Wheel of Time”. But the Wheel of time, in context is more about you re-planning your life. Please read both if you haven’t already, before reading this one.

The graphic shows a very simple usable example of “how to”.

Results are more important than “to do’s”, so this isn’t a to do list. Rather it is your little results chart / goal making sheet around those things you want to achieve in a day. It doesn’t matter how many are on your list each day. Start with one if you like and add perhaps only when you are comfortable to expand a little.

The left column is yours. Place into it whatever you want to do, the “action” you’ll explore, the diamonds you will grow, if even just for yourself, to start with.

Perhaps just smiling at another, plenty enough. The joy received from a simple smile can tear down walls, heal the sick or stressed, bring light into a dark room.

What power might a hug given have?

The frequency, of the number of times you are planning to achieve each day.

The result the number of times you managed it. No regret or punishment if you didn’t get done all you aspired to. Tomorrow comes quickly enough.

But at the end of the day, pull out your “diamonds created” little card and reflect upon the feelings when choosing to leave these little diamonds out for others to receive from. Take the time to ponder and remember each diamond created.

How did it feel? What did you get from it?

If received badly take no pain or harm. For you have no knowledge of the Life the other is living. The greatest amongst all givers, those that decide to give regardless of reception, no strings attached. Diamonds created in the moment regardless of reception.

When a single plant grows not just the plant benefits. It is the same result for the surrounding environment. The soil that supports the growth often the biggest “winner”, for this is natural in cause and effect, as above so below.

In the same way, when doing these things, many will benefit from these daily actions, the giver included. For you know not how many will gain from the gift given.

The “threatening” thing is the actually “doing of it” to get started. Once started and woven into daily life, diamonds in yours and many others lives, the result. The things that really matter, created. Yourself and people around you changed forever.

The chart itself. Even the back of a wallet sized playing card plenty big enough. Yours to create manage and change as you play with becoming the creator for yourself and those around you as your day unfolds. Equally as a list on your portable device.

The application of words into daily tangible results.

“How to grow diamonds”, applied daily or weekly.


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