May I soar through this thing called Life

May I soar through this thing called “life”

As soon as possible, let me become the dancer.

Whose feet hardly touch, even gently, upon the sand. Let my Soul take to this dance called Life and show me the way to hold steadfast unto myself. Giving me courage to continue to dance, this epic dance called Life. For if even should adversity come, let me yield not to its pressure. Let me instead, Dance.

To Dance because decision taken. To dance regardless of what opposition may come. Because if I cast my eyes down, weighted down by all the pressures and stresses of this Life, I’ll miss the ride.

I’ll forget to stretch and strain carefully going about all I can be. Missing the potential, the God given right, to be all I can: the Creator of my own path.

Gently sweeping all those around me that would lift to see the ride.

Let me inspire even myself, to understand the creation of a Life, my Life, to the maximum of everything I dare to be. Sailing, drifting, dancing, and creating above the stormy wave. Calmly wandering the sea.

Where we all should be, soaring through this thing called Life. Supporting each other to rise above all the strain, into to the miracle of the ride. For it’s not the waves that matter at end of all. It is the decisions you make, above them, as you soar onward, journey ahead, yet to be explored.

Oh, may I soar through thing called Life. May we all.


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