Today I am sad

So much pain, hatred, coming at me with such speed and volume it overwhelms. Those that want to crush their neighbour snuffing out this gift called Life. Those taking their Life, whilst others lose their fight to hang onto theirs.

So many folk lost, searching for answers. Carrying bags oh so heavy for oh so long. Long enough that loading more on their backs is just another aspect of what has become sadly oh so normal for so many.

Those millions who wake each day with the mission set steadfast to take from others through deceit. Those that would try to take this energy from me called Money. Who in doing so rob themselves so, so much more than that they take.

The compassion felt for all those who are buried under these incredible loads, feels so suffocating.

At the same time when not distracted by this hurt and pain, my eyes are cast upon a world of incredible beauty and potential.

Able to “park” the load to the side, slowly this learnt art comes.

Nature, all of it, everywhere I look through eyes to see, robs me of the air in my lungs, my eyes full of tears. Nature doesn’t care if I am sad or not. It just continues to present itself for those that would look. Perfectly at balance, at peace. Never moving one atom away from being at peace.

For it is only us, programmed just so, inside this world that is able to build upon, or tear down in this incredible place, together.

Each of us just another grain of sand on the beach. Individual in one way yet connected in every way.

We get to choose how we act and react to this place.

Our choice to strike or instead to reach out. Our choice to take from or construct for those around us. To pollute and consume with gay abandon, or to be wise and use only what needed. To hide in deceit real intention or to approach with open hand. To listen with intent or to cast aside at slightest chance.

The potential, gifted from the very start, such that no one can ever take away.

So today yes, I am sad, but not sad enough that the potential, the unlimited potential and beauty is blurred in anyway. For above all and through all, it is I that chooses the path, right or wrong up or down.


(For Shannon, this gift for you, as tears pour forth as the light continues to burn.)

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