Perception / your reaction is everything

Perception / your reaction is everything

She seeks a divorce?

They are brother and sister with a parent recently passed away?

Best of friends enjoying time together?


He is a teacher, she the student?

She is quitting her job and seeks advice?

Total strangers meeting for the first time?

In an art gallery?

At the undertakers?

Chatting about getting married?

He is a bully and she wants out?

Honey I am pregnant?

In truth we know not the detail. Yet we react each time to whatever life presents only through our eyes.

For you alone has the only view which is yours.

Your react thoughts and feelings about this print will be yours and yours alone. No one else on the planet will have exactly the same reaction as you. Yes you might share this view with many people, of course.

But you arrived to that conclusion through your own unique experiences.

On the flip side of this thought.

Were the others reaction to the photo wrong, or maybe just as right as yours? The only difference being perhaps that their life experience has been different from yours.

But why then do we need to judge others for the conclusion they draw? For it might be that their position is actually just as valid as yours. Why then do I need to be proved right?

All too often however our reaction is not to celebrate the differences but to try to stand over the other. We lose in this response all the lessons presented by it, every time.

Rather than approaching someone with an alternative position than ours from a place of learning. Often our response is one of destruction or oppression.

Yes we all live our lives, but it is this small change in thinking that can make all the difference.

Rather than playing out the role of the dominator we become instead the observer. Learning about ourselves and learning to celebrate the individual uniqueness that makes us who we are.

When we learn to be in a state of learning, rather than needing to prove our correctness, Life takes on a totally, totally different meaning.

Especially when: If you consider that today, something happens totally changing your reaction to the photo tomorrow. Your conclusion or reaction to the photo changed forever more.

Yesterdays “rightness” now just vapour.

What happens then to your need “to be right”?

How many wars start, how many neighbourhood arguments caused and families broken because of our need to be right?

When we are in fact throwing away the biggest learning we could ever take.

That of the potential of the lesson being revealed.



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