This is a beautiful place

This is a beautiful place

Amongst all the troubles and stresses that have been allowed to creep into this modern world. Have you stopped to take note of all that surrounds? All that, that has never changed.

The hustle and bustle that distracts and consumes. It comes on, almost without attention event noticing its arrival. It grows and grows slowly taking over and robs us all of so much, infecting all around as takes hold.

Mums and Dads, struggling to pay the bills. Working huge hours to try to provide for siblings. The TV on, invading every aspect of Life. To keep up with the fashion and trends, too much for any one person to sustain.

Yet we are told this is the normal that now appears to be in decay around us.

All along, perhaps we are missing so much.

For when glaze adjusted to see through all the noise, this place will always take the breath away.

The cool refreshing rain on the face. Pouring down as if under threat of drowning sometimes. Yet oh so fresh the smell when clouds pass by.

The sun that comes and warms us all each day. For the most part, without so much as a single thought.

At night sky, have you stopped recently and just gazed up in awe? For those lights those have been there, just for you, for all time. They will remain there constantly providing the most amazing backdrop to life, one could ever imagine.

The very soil concrete or asphalt upon which you stand. Has thought ever arrived for you once, to take stock of what it took for you to be standing upon it, where you are? It was billions of years in the making this place we take for granted all the time.

The bird on the wing that shares these special places with you. The insects whilst eking out their lives keep this place fresh and healthy. The fish in the river and animal on the land. All provided for our education and to sustain the very Life we need.

How thin the atmosphere, the Goldilocks zone, that just perfectly provides us with all needed to Live.

Pause somewhere today as day unfolds and just look at the perfection that surrounds. Take stock that you did nothing to desire this experience. Here waiting for you it all was upon birth.

Yet seemingly always taken for granted it is.

This is a beautiful place.


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