Sometimes I smile

I watch much “going on” around me as this Life progresses each day.

It seems that the volume of noise about those that cause us all these issues is being turned up and up.

It’s the governments fault, Those who bring us “The Law” they are to blame. Those bloody Police picking on me. Even those overseas controlling us, that foreign nation or this making things worse. Those running those large corporations.

It’s always outside of us that we so easily assign blame.

Yet all those people are us. They go to work, just like us. Families, stresses, desires and holidays hopefully just like us.

It is like saying we are stuck in traffic without the wider comprehension that we are actually part of the traffic. Not that we are stuck in it as something separate outside us.

If we don’t make the effort to not be “part of the traffic” then in traffic stuck, we will remain.

In a sad way, and not very widely, I smile. For we all could be so much more.


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