The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time

There is much evidence across all ancient cultures that clearly show awareness of Time and Creation. Many share very common themes across their mythology. There is evidence of understanding and knowledge going very deep. Much truth buried in behind symbols and stories.

Whilst these tools and messages are fine for the discovery of self from ancient principles, how would a person take aspects of the concepts to apply these in modern times?

My answer ……..

A simple to use, very easy to work with “Wheel of Time”, your “Wheel of Time”.

It has to be a circle to contain or represent the continuous and endless flow of Life. This is your Life. The time of your Life either daily or weekly represented as a circle. Write the headings for your Life those that are important to you. Use the lines to separate / divide as percentages of the circle consuming the entire 360 degrees.

Simple ……..

Let the “actual” of how your Life is reflected back to you rest awhile. Let it sit quietly with you. Review it and change it if you don’t think it captures your Life in a way that is right with you.

Then ……

When you think you are “Ok” that is shows what your Life looks like, make a change. Leave the first one alone as is without changing it. Make another circle beside it to plan a fresh how you would like this to look, not how it looks today.

Change the areas consumed by the portions of your Life that you wished didn’t take up so much. Make them smaller; increasing the available space for those areas you wished were bigger.

Adjust those now into the spare space provided by the reduction of the others.

Rest with that result. Let it sit simply with you for a period. Revisit both now and see if you are balanced / comfortable with what they are telling you.

Then ……..

Plan the action of making change in your own “Wheel of Time”, that move you to the places you want to go and the person you want to be. That which your actual circle shows you and that your future wheel reflects.

Concepts of old, stories of old, applied in ways the modern world can apply.

That you can apply.


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