Imagine a pipeline, filled, no gap of air to be seen

Imagine a pipeline, filled, no gap of air to be seen

Atoms of H20 moving all around, slowly progressing due to unseen force, with the freedom to move just so when decision taken.

“Mainstream” a term used to describe those that arrive, relaxing to go with the flow. Comfortable, safe but maybe programmable by all those other mainstreamers. For their path that is easy, drifting as almost asleep for the entire trip.

Lessons of Love, Pain, Suffering, Joy come and go. But the real purpose for their arrival ignored or perhaps worst, always received negatively causing yet more closing off, more bitterness.

For that of “mainstream” comes at a cost, surrounded by mainstream, never understood.

For others either by self-spark or the grace of an external trigger, as the flow gentle glides, other paths sought. Acceptance of the flow, time not wasted, even if rest prescribed, value understood.

Outside of mainstream, now free to embrace the experience of the journey in the ways of the miracle. For as they gently decide to move in ways of self-choice, perhaps even deciding to out stretch hand to those beside, if even for briefest of moment, their choice the toughest of journeys.

Yet dividend created beyond price.

Vibration of Grace, Vulnerability, Strength, Love, that of deep knowing now the notes being mastered. If only initially in ways that cause cold sweaty palms, at start. Vibrational energy impossible to revert back to that of the Mainstream, ever again.

The Flow will do what it has for eternity, past and yet to arrive.

Let those who understand the joy of children, imagination and discovery into your Life. For flow as you do, they do.

Yet can gently and with utmost respect reveal sights and understanding well beyond that of the limited container of the pipe.

Listen to that voice inside, perhaps denied until now.

Risk, perhaps risk more than anyone else could ever understand and step outside that of the mainstream. These are the footprints of the Brave.

To those of the discovery, incredibly open you must remain.

For in these days, these precious days, the pressure is changing.

Mainstream perhaps soon to be a thing of the past. Swept away by current even more not understood.


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