Just for today

Could I not:

• Judge anyone else. (just once for a whole day, as my goal).

• Think poorly of myself.

• Let in the programming from the world.

• Let hate rule over my thoughts and actions.

• Strike out in anger by deed or word.

• Take for granted what I have in my life.

• Consume and use, not a single drop more than I really need.

• Carry those bags of burden I have chosen to put on my back.

• Preform just to conform.

Let me more deeply appreciate and be grateful for:

• The Gift that is me, even to myself.

• The laughter, Love and Joy that awaits the seeker.

• My home, our home and this place we call Earth.

• The beauty I may have not seen before. But now with eyes wide open, impossible to miss.

• Views others have, even if not aligned. For I know not what aspect of their view I needed to learn.

• The Grace, Love and Joy I can extend others, because I decide to do so.

• My ability to decide for me, what I need, without fear of judgement from myself or outside.

• That I can choose to listen. Listen, rather than to be heard.

• How gentle I can be on Nature. If I decide so.

• Being kind to myself.

Maybe inside the gift of tomorrow, the ultimate gift of trying again awaits.



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