When bringing to the fore of the mind, this word “Beauty” on the surface, seems easy to grasp.

That of the flower, the smile of a child, the bird on the wing, the view of Nature from lofty heights. Beauty, easy at least on the surface to be comfortable with seemingly all it means. Most pleasing on the eye.


It may run deeper, much much deeper than first is apparent, if given enough space to consider.

The Beauty of the single flame contains yet all the power of destruction.

Placing comment into a life at just the moment, with all the right grace and consideration of the receiver. Even if not welcomed, perhaps could be considered to be most beautiful.

Was the tragedy that initially brought much pain and suffering, something born of beauty? The resulting new connections made, perhaps relationships restored, new friendships connected now for lifetimes to come.

Is there beauty in the teeth of a predator?

Is there the most beauty in the words spoken for a friend or family member passed, in times of extreme pain?

There is for sure much beauty in the creation and death of stars in our galaxy. Yet much destruction intertwined.

For those brave enough to look afresh at all that surrounds, breathe quickly lost. Pulled from the lungs by the overwhelming awe of this place and the gift given for our Life.

Humbled, almost crushed, by the weight of the vision granted.

There is Beauty and Perfection all around, if brave enough to invest yourself to notice. That of Beauty surrounds entangles all elements of Life. It lives well outside that of Love. Perfectly doing what it does, regardless of the observer.

Be encouraged and brave enough to set free the explorer inside.



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