A waterfall flows

A waterfall flows

Tons and tons of water fall. The start can’t be seen, nor the end. This flow’s origins are beyond that of man, with most of his being, to understand or experience. It flows just because it does. It’s substance that of information, pure.

Information from which all Matter is created. Each bit and in our world each proton containing all the information of creation.

The Proton “knows” and is instantly connected with all other Protons, knowing no limitation of distance or time.

For this information share happens beyond the speed of time or light.

From this flow droplets arise just as the mist rises from our planet based waterfalls. Each droplet spins and swills, forming patterns and dancing to the tune of the flow.

Disrupted by the flow yet perfect in its being and place. Not disconnected from the waterfall, because from it the droplets are created as a part of the flow. Yet the droplet has a life of its own.

Dancing in the air in ways only droplets can.

Thus we have a picture of the Dharma and Life and existence as we know it here in this Universe, this space, this time. This is the world we are born into, each of us individually part of the whole yet seemingly separated in the instance.

The journey of enlightenment fits perfectly into this model.

In our own spinning and drifting through life, life seems full, busy and all consuming. Yet our roots exist from another place, as can never be denied.

We can and only individually can we, deny this.

Kept busy by the world.

Distracted by everything, told to be important.

That of procession, ownership, right and wrong. That of hate, anger, pressure and stress all aspects of “valid” distraction. That of entertainment, politics, media and achievement, keeping us from turning back and honestly connecting with home, in spite of the seemed separation, which can never be.

If opportunity lost to progress with the development bonded.

Another go around required to move closer and closer to the flow, from where all things are. Spinning and turning in this experience, this rising of the mist, bonded by time. Which is only experienced outside of the main flow.

For where there is no blackness, only whiteness can be experienced. But where there is black and white, then reflection and contrast holds much richness. Gold beyond imagination.

But much time can be forfeit spinning and turning distracted.

Without stepping outside the flow just so, the crushing weight of Grace can never be experienced. For it is by Grace, only Grace that this opportunity is given.

These are the steps of the Brave. For be not faint of heart if choosing this path to walk.


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