My life, the journey

My life, the journey

I travel, through my Life.

Regardless of my feeling, my emotion, those I love, those who don’t like me, I journey. This journey cares not of all that I might invent to weigh me down. For once begun the journey continues day by day regardless of being present or not.

My shadow cast to the ground, in places, if only for a second.

All these moments combine to become the journey of my Life.

Its darkness however never really ever completely blocks the light. For the darkest shadow possible can only be in times of extreme brightness. It is almost as though my entire Life is just a shadow passing through this Nature into which I am born.

Here for a moment gone the next. This Nature remains steadfast, in spite of my shadow cast.

Let me tread lightly upon the ground I call my home. Make I take not a second of this marvellous journey for granted. For this Nature, my home, is always with me.

Whether great expanse presented or small space confined. Outside this Nature, my home, I can never be. Let all of it always take my breath away. For I am indeed the Nature that passes by me.

May I be inspired by all it has to teach me. Give me the ears to listen and the eyes to see. As my journey unravels let me be open to all it presents for me to learn. For it is that of the eternal, me but a moment in time.

If I open the throttle and speed on through, much I will miss. For I know not the destination, the journey, the scenes, far more important to my understanding than the point of end.

May the Grace descend upon me to be able to help others see the miracles it reveals as I live. For it will continue to reveal all it has to teach us whether we pay attention or not.

Mine but a shadow on the ground as I travel this journey called Life.


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